3 easy advices for work life balance (Remote Work)

Alix Gallardo
1 min readJul 19, 2019


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Get fueled!

First in the morning when you wake up start doing things that stabilize your mind and body. Do some exercise, take a shower and have breakfast are easy ways to keep you fresh and with full energy to start working and get focused.

Space and Time

Prepare the space, clean your table or desk of things that you DON’T NEED. Bring water, coffee and some snacks to avoid stand ups in short times. Keep controls near to you in order to manage your comfort. AC control is a good example for this, don’t forget a hoodie or a blanket. Prioritize your tasks and assign a specific time for each one. You can schedule some clear and things minutes between tasks for going to the bathroom and find some inspiration on what you are doing.

No distractions

Avoid having a door bell. At your work journey you are not waiting for anybody and if it is important they will call you. If you have dogs give them stuff to play and have them with enough breakfast. Use headphones and play music that help you to focus on tasks.


I hope this easy advices help you to improve your daily productivity.



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