Community update: Multiplayer experiences

Alix Gallardo
2 min readAug 19, 2023


Hey there!

We have been cooking some interesting features as well as building our next milestones. Also, these past weeks we have been collaborating with communities to test and play with our world editor. Keep reading to learn more!


Now you can edit your scripts from the server with the Embed Script Editor for small and testing scripts, no setup needed anymore. To open it, use CTRL + SHIFT + J or from Server Settings -> Scripts -> Toggle Script Editor and you will see the changes on real-time.

Script Editor — Custom Fog
Script Editor — Particles System


We got some updates for the documentation too!

  • Client, WebServer and WebsocketServer guides updated. Take a look here.
  • Next.js, Vanilla, Vite and React examples added. Take a look here.

Multiplayer editor

We had the opportunity to collab with #WomeninGamex for the #WomenGameJam and we onboarded 34 builders as editors to have fun and learn more about how they can create a mini game with a short-learning curve. It was really cool!

WomenGameJam Workshop


  • We’ve been validating our server capacity and latency challenges ensuring a good user experience, even with fewer players, setting new standards for 3D web-based experiences optimization.
  • We validated the multiplayer editor with different communities editing at the same time, auto-optimizing models and keeping a great performance at all times for a player session.

Last but not least, we are cooking something special for enthusiasts of strategic and social deduction challenges. Are you ready?

Keep posted and keep building!